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Member unit of backbone enterprises of Chinese Die Casting Mould and one of Chinese largest die casting mould enterprises 中文?/a> | English
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Add: No2 Lushan West Road, Beilun District, Ningbo zhejiang PR. China

Tel: 0574-86141999
Fax: 0574-86142222
E-mail: huiwang@cn-huiwang.com
Http: jglyxlyyzzyhzs.daboss888.cn

Being a High –tech enterprise .The company is mainly specialized in designing ,developing and Manufacturing large scale ,precision and complex die casting mould with strong R& D capability . The company has more than 30 designers ,engineers and technicians ,Which accounts for 28% of Company personnel .The company have very strong R& D ability and has successively developed a batch of difficult and advanced level die casting mould .That including : V 6 Engine Block V4 engine Block .Auto-transmission .Redirector Bracket . Instrument Panel .Valve bode and So on
The company Took the lead in introducing the Flow simulation ---ADSTEFAN from Japan in 2003 , and in 2013 introduced the German MAGMA software (MAGMA) for simulation analysis, and successively introduced advanced 3D design genuine software including PRO/E, UG and so on.
Achieved All 2D and 3D drawing ,The mould manufacturing according to design drawing .To ensure the mould repair and replacement of interchangeability .To provide a reliable guarantee for the mould Maintenance

MAGMA software (MAGMA) mold flow analysis 

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